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over 6 years ago

APItools to Help Your Hacking

Only 7 days to go until the first ever AstriCon Hackathon, and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

In order to help you plan ahead, I wanted to share this resource that I run into a few months ago: APItools. I find it pretty useful, especially at hackathons, since it helps you save time and get started working in your projects really fast.

Here’re some of the things you can easily do with any API + APItools:

  • Override CORS problem
  • Authenticate your app with any API (e.g. Twitter auth)
  • If the endpoint has rate limits, cach responses and avoid hitting the limits while you’re developing.
  • Proxy your HTTP(s) mobile requests and have a nice visual environment to test and debug your calls.
  • Transform any type of data into any type of data, on the fly. For example, if you need JSON and the API you’re using only serves XML.

If this sounds like something you may want to use at the AstricCon Hackathon, check out these links below to be prepared. The good folks at 3scale & APItools have provided some resouces especially for AstriCon: 


Signup here (direct access):

Documentation (special for hackahtons):

Extra points

If you end up using APItools at AstriCon, you’ll get one of these awesome APItools t-shirts*!

Happy hacking!


(*) Limited to the first 20 people claiming it :-)