What is the AstriCon Hackathon?

The AstriCon Hackathon is an opportunity for a global community of designers, developers, and communications technologists will be gathering to create, code, and design apps built on technologies like Asterisk and Respoke, have fun and win prizes! 

How do I participate? 

Step 1: In order to be eligible for the Hackathon you must first register for the AstriCon conference. There are no additional fees and Hackathon participation is included in your AstriCon conference pass. 
Step 2: Each member of your team must be registered for the AstriCon Hackathon on ChallengePost and listed on your app page by 9 AM on Oct 22. 
Step 3: Arrive for on-site check in. There will be two opportunities to check in on site: either at the Hackathon Reception Tuesday Oct 21 at 5PM or prior to the Hackathon at 8AM in the Hackathon room. 

How long is the contest?

The official contest will give you 8 hours to build your app from 9AM to 5PM on Wednesday Oct 22.

All of your app code must be written within this time frame. You are free to work ahead of time on designs, digital mockups and open source frameworks (or any code that will be available to all participants), but all of your app code must be written during the Hackathon.  

What APIs can I use?

In order to be eligible to win you must use at least one of the sponsor APIs. Outside of that you are free to use any open 3rd party APIs, libraries or content providers as long as they are accessible to everyone. 

What are the sponsor APIs?

Asterisk (www.asterisk.org - apps may be built using any Asterisk APIs - AGI, AMI, ARI, etc...) 

Respoke (www.respoke.io)

Clarify (www.clarify.io)

How large can my team be?

Teams of up to 4 participants are allowed.

You are encouraged to solicit team members and form teams prior to the Hackathon. Solo hacking, or "teams of one," will also be allowed, but it tends to be more fun if you hack together with multiple people. There will be a networking reception on Tuesday night for Hackathon participants to find team members that have not yet joined a team or you can post now on the dicussion forum to find a team

How will apps be judged? 

Each team will be given a few minutes to demo their app for the Hackathon audience and a panel of expert judges. In order to be eligelbe to present you must actually demo an app (for example, no power point will be allowed.) It is ok if your app is unfinished, you may simply show what you got done. The judging panel will choose their overall favorite apps based on creativity, usefulness and general awesomeness of the app.

Everyone at Astricon will vote for the Popular Choice award!

Sponsor awards will be given at the discretion of the sponsors for their favorite use of their API.

AstriCon Hackathon Code of Conduct

The AstriCon Hackathon strives to be an event full of fun, learning, collaboration and innovation. As such we value diversity seek an environment that fosters the best in each other. Participation is encouraged for all regardless of gender, sexual orientation or identity, physical or mental ability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, physical appearance, race or religion.

As a Hackathon participant please work towards respecting everyone and bringing out the best in your fellow participants. Be aware that your words, actions and the content of your app have the potential to make others uncomfortable. If your app presentation contains any material that might be interpreted as harassment you should speak with the event staff prior to presenting your app. 

If you feel you are being harassed or witness any behavior that you believe is making others uncomfortable please inform the event staff as soon as possible in a discrete and responsible way. 

The event staff reserve the right to determine what is and is not appropriate. Participants are expected to comply with direction from event staff regarding appropriate behavior.